Smart Loboratory Demo system V2.0

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Smart Laboratory System V2.0



Without travelling around, one can know events happening in the world; without staring out of the window, the natural rules are in sight.

Intelligence goes far beyond the sense, and wisdom proves to be the core eternally.

Being user-centered, the Intelligence Laboratory is a perfect demonstration platform of performance and functions of smart objects, an excellent way of IoT technical innovations and applications.

In the Intelligence Laboratory, information is in touch and the integrated equipments are available. It’s a feast of convenience and speed to share the digital, intelligent and modular parts. The stately grace of science is emanated and the high technology comes in view. While being concisely formed, the strong quality inside brings out the perfection of the robust techniques and gentle appearance.

The Intelligence Laboratory makes persistent efforts to develop various applications towards the safe city and the perception of China.

Imparted an air of ultimate elegance,the Intelligence Laboratory helps you to innovate.

here is the Framework of the system.