Survey on Invulnerability of Wireless Sensor Networks

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The paper "Survey on Invulnerability of Wireless Sensor Networks" has been published on the journal "Chinese Journal of Computers".And the online publication can be found on the link The Authers are: LI Wen-Feng, FU Xiu-Wen.

Abstract: The factors such as energy depletion, hardware malfunction and invasion, can lead to the node failure of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), further contributing to the topology partition (or even the paralysis of the entire network). Therefore, invulnerability is the major technical bottleneck that impedes the widespread
application of WSNs. The research of the invulnerability of WSNs mainly focuses on following three issues: 1)what are the factors responsible for the node failure and network damage of WSNs; 2) how to measure the invulnerability of WSNs; 3) how to improve the invulnerability of WSNs. In this paper, the study on the causes of failures, invulnerability measurements, improvement strategies, fault detection and recovery are concluded and classified. As the core of the invulnerability research, the methods of invulnerability optimization (e.g. routing control, network reconstruction and topology evolution) are analyzed emphatically. At the end, the future challenges and development tendency of the invulnerability of WSNs are discussed.

Key words: Wireless Sensor Networks; Invulnerability; Routing Control; Network Construction; Topology Evolution; Fault Detection and Recovery

P.S. Now the paper is formally published. And the citation information is: W. Li, X. Fu. Survey on Invulnerability of Wireless Sensor Networks. Chinese Journal of Computers, 38(3), 2015: 625-647.